Not Jane

We are using Jane today in this action because Texas courts currently call minors undergoing the judicial bypass process Jane Doe. The plaintiff in the court case which established the right to abortion in this country was referred to as Jane Roe.

It is crucial to remember that ciswomen are not the only people who need access to safe, legal abortion care. And it is incumbent upon all of us to be sure people of all genders, as well as people of all orientations, feel comfortable and welcome to seek help, support, and guidance from committed activists and caregivers in safe spaces.

Here are two articles to help if you don’t quite understand. You can find many other resources across the internet. In the meantime, our collective remains committed to the notion that people of all genders and all orientations deserve and should expect access to the full range of care they need, and for that care to be provided in a respectful, competent, and professional manner.

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