Stories from Janes who have called the hotline in Texas. Names and identifying details have been changed. 

Jazmin, 17 years old, called needing help.

She was only a few weeks pregnant and living with her older cousin who she had lived with for most of her life. Her father was missing from the picture entirely and her mother, a teen mom herself, was an alcoholic and drug addict—Jazmin said that she would try to find her to come sign the form, but she never really knew where she was.

On the day of her procedure, her mother came to the clinic to sign the consent form. About halfway through signing, her mother became very angry and screamed at Jazmin to “just f*******g jump off a bridge instead.”

Jazmin called us back and we were able to set her up with an attorney and judge who connected her with a social worker. Jazmin is now working with them to get emancipated.