Stories from Janes who have called the hotline in Texas. Names and identifying details have been changed.

The first time Bianca called the hotline, she said that she was four weeks pregnant—she had confirmed this at a crisis pregnancy center.

She lived with the woman who had raised her—she thought was her biological mother. As it turns out, Bianca’s “mother” was not her biological mother—her biological mother had died of a drug overdose when Bianca was a baby.

The father was violent and temperamental.

After Bianca went in for her sonogram appointment a week or so after her first call (as soon as she could get an appointment), she was very upset. She was 21 weeks along in her pregnancy, and could no longer have an abortion in Texas. Bianca was only 15 and said that she didn’t know that if she missed her period for that long it meant she was pregnant.

“No one ever told me that,” she said.